Motorcycle Travel Simulator 1 First Look - Race | build | weather

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Race | build | weather

This is a casual motorcycle driving game, but also a realistic travel game. You can ride a motorcycle to travel in the vast open world and enjoy the magnificent scenery,or camp to experience wilderness survival.

About the game:
This is a casual motorcycle driving game, but also a purely realistic travel game. You can ride a motorcycle to travel in the vast open world and enjoy the magnificent scenery!You can also experience the fun of camping and wilderness survival.Dynamic day and night cycle weather system, real physical simulation driving system, realistic landscape, immersed in the relaxing travel, forgetting the troubles in the beautiful scenery.
Game Features:
Multiplayer mode:
support single player mode, multiplayer mode, you can create a server and wait for friends to join. Support in-game text chat, you can travel with your friends on motorcycles, or two people can ride a motorcycle, who can refuse to ride on a friend's motorcycle! Of course, you can also race with friends, survive in the wilderness, and build houses. Multiplayer mode can also choose maps with landscape of different seasons.
Motorcycle customization:
including: heavy-duty motorcycles, lightweight off-road motorcycles, and medium-sized motorcycles, you can modify as many as dozens of colors and shapes of motorcycles as you like, realistic physical simulation of collision and crushing effects, motorcycle parts will Broken and dropped by collision, players will fly off the motorcycle and fall to the ground and be injured or killed. Support manual transmission and automatic transmission motorcycle type transformation selection. After the motorcycle is damaged by a serious collision, the engine will catch fire, explode, and the tire will blow out. Once the motorcycle is lost, you need to go to the NPC to buy it again.
Vast open world and magnificent scenery:
There are currently many huge open world maps with different seasons and natural landforms, you can explore freely, ride a motorcycle to the wind, and relax in the beautiful scenery.
Camping and Survival:
You can buy tents from NPC, build camps and campfire in the wilderness, cook food, and experience wilderness survival. The game contains real survival elements. Players have health thirst and hunger values, so they need to buy food and water to live on.
Trading system:
You can interact and trade with NPCs, buy motorcycles or food or tools with initial capital, sell your collected wood, ores, etc., to buy survival materials, such as food and water and first aid kits, as well as different styles of helmets and rider clothing, tents, backpacks, etc.
Craft and Build system:
If you are tired of traveling, you can have a fresh way to play: build freely, chop wood, collect resources, find a beautiful place to build a house, enjoy life, and then set off to travel at any time after living a stable life.You can also craft some weapons and other items.
Dynamic weather system:
Day and night cycle, dynamic 3D cloud sky, random changes of various weathers, spectacular dynamic changes of light and shadow in the world, storms, blizzards are immersive, and the natural landscapes are beautiful.
Multi-archive and multi- map management:
Each map corresponds to a separate archive, you can choose to name and delete and load different archives.
Forever young and always free!
We are trapped in the forest of steel and cement, Lost on the endless roads in the city, are you eager to return to nature? Do you desire freedom?Set off, riding a motorcycle, speeding freely amidst the roar of the engine, heading into the vast wilderness, covered with starlight and moonlight, Facing the wind and rain.
I don't want to start when I'm old,I love freedom and I’ll start now.
Forever young and always free!
Nothing can hinder us, because nothing is more beautiful than driving a dream!
free to feel
free to think
free to live...
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